Susan Niebur

Susan Niebur

Last week, on February 6, 2012, Dr. Susan Niebur, founder of the Women in Planetary Science Blog, passed away after battling inflammatory breast cancer. Dr. Niebur was a powerful advocate for women in planetary sciences and brought an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm to the cause. Last year, she won NASA's Planetary Science Division?s Public Service Award for her outreach efforts. You can read about some of her many accomplishments here.

By the time I met Susan, she had already been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had two young boys just a bit younger than mine. And yet, she maintained a level of energy that put me to shame. There have been many times that I wished I could blog as well as or as prolifically as Susan did. I will miss Susan's voice in the blogosphere very much. My poor words cannot do her justice.

Rest in peace, Susan.

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